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Reach The Highest Peaks

Get Your Finances To The Summit with Everest Private Wealth

At our core, Everest Private Wealth is a Financial Life Management Company with a strong desire to help our clients live richly (not die rich).

Get Your Finances to the Top

Let us be your expert guide

We specialise in guiding our clients to ascend to the summit of financial security. This ensures they can focus on what’s truly important to them; adventure, growing their careers/businesses and spending time with family and friends. They entrust us to support them to continue to build on their success and create greater financial status, whilst offering them back the most important commodity of all….Time.

If you’re unsure how to reach the summit alone, our Financial Advisers will guide you and help bear the load to get you to the top.


We help the modern-day successful adventurer, traveler and explorer who wants to get ahead. Our clients are curious to learn and understand the strategies we put in place. But they recognise they don’t have the time to focus on constantly managing their finances and growing their wealth to its full potential. They’re simply too busy concentrating on building their own careers/businesses, their travels and spending time with family and friends.

Corporate Adventurers

You’re likely a very ambitions person, constantly striving for the best and are always very busy. You excel in placing personal development at the forefront. You’re working harder and out-earning many of your friends and family who aspire to have the life that you do. When you feel like getting one up on the rat race and creating your legacy, Everest Private Wealth is there to help.

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Hands On Adventurers

When you live adventure you don’t let life get in the way of having fun. Whether it’s the weekend or your annual overseas break, you’re always seeking to be challenged, explore and have new experiences. Find out how we can help you seek these experiences without having to worry so much about your financial life.

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Medical Adventurers

Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics, Dentists.

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You’re the backbone of the medical industry having to know a myriad of skills, techniques and different speciality areas. Supporting and caring for people comes second nature to you. Long hours and shift work mixed in with a combination of a very stressful work place means your down time needs to be spent relaxing to recuperate properly. We help you take the stress out of your financial life to ensure your money is working as hard as you do.


Study, bedside manner, time management and the ability to diagnosis quickly. These are just some of the many balls Doctors have to juggle in the air on a day to day basis. With the draining long hours, ongoing study and many patients to see there isn’t normally a lot of time left to become an expert in the financial world. Everest Private Wealth takes the financial study burden off you with in-depth analysis and tested strategies to ensure your financial life is working as hard as your medical career. We care for you so you can keep caring for others.


Paramedic? You’re involved in a high pressure, high responsibility workplace. Paramedics are on the front line of the medical industry making their occupations at times very stressful and risky, but also very fulfilling. Sometimes when you spend all day helping others you need someone to take care of you for a change. Find out how we help paramedics to fulfill their financial goals and succeed in their financial lives.


Making it as a Dentist is hard work as you need to have top grades, be analytically minded and have emotional intelligence. Juggling the taxing task of dentistry, with business management and running your own practice is very difficult. Everest Private Wealth provides ongoing support to its Dentist clients to help them improve their bottom line, efficiencies and controls. Allowing you more time for performing the Art and Science of Dentistry.


Everest Private Wealth

Everest Private Wealth focuses on what drives you, your values and how we can relate this into your financial life, without taking any unnecessary risks. Our aim is to educate our clients, guide them to financial security and help them live richly (not die rich).

Everest Private Wealth is foundationally built on three pillars of advice:





In our experience without all three pillars correctly in place your journey to financial security can be significantly longer and tougher. Without one, it makes it difficult to achieve the other.

Mt Everest is the largest mountain on earth but without the support of its three neighbouring shoulders (Lhotse, Nuptse & Makalu) Everest may never have come to exist.

These three pillars come under one roof at Everest Private Wealth and represented in our logo.


Weather The Storm

We offer protection from the elements and risks that can wipe out your life’s hard work.

Ascend The Peak

Grow your wealth to reach financial security with our expert guidance and support.

Remember The Journey

Leave a financial trail and legacy for the next generation to follow. It’s important your journey and accomplishments are remembered.

Our Services

Cash Flow Analysis

  • Spendings plan
  • Control
  • Reduce debt
  • Financial freedom

Working with you to analyse your current spending habits. Improving your saving techniques and savings rate to help you achieve financial security.

Insurance Advice

Insurance types

  • Life
  • Income Protection
  • Total & Permanent Disability
  • Business
  • Trauma/Critical Illness

Protecting your wealth is a vital part of our holistic financial advisory service. Our tailored Insurance Advice and Wealth Protection solutions underpin our Wealth Creation Strategies allowing you to “Weather The Storm” if necessary whilst still continuing on to “Ascend the Peak”

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Investment experts

We live and breath investment strategies. We explain your investment options and the benefits/risks associated in easy to understand language so you can make the right decision.

Estate planning

This involves putting a clear plan in place for your family after you have passed away. With your input we craft a strategy for you and explain any of the legal jargon associated with the process.


What is Super? Do I need a SMSF? We can tell you all the important points to consider when choosing your most tax effective structure.

Small Business Advisory

Want more progress? Feeling stuck? We help our small business clients get unstuck through education and helping them with their cash flow, profits and overall business value.

  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Legacy

Benefits of Working with Us


The hard work we do takes the financial management burden off our clients which results in more Time back to them. This Time is now spent with their Friends and Families, Travelling, Growing their careers and Adventuring.


Education is what we aim to achieve with all our clients, we want them to not only trust us to put the best strategies in place for their current situation but to understand “Why” we have opted for those strategies. Clients understanding the “Why” is very important to us.

Financial Security

Our clients having peace of mind and being able to sleep at night knowing their investments are safe is our prime objective. Our service and approach helps ensure clients work to achieve, maintain or improve their Financially Secure status.


Who Talk About Us

Everest Private Wealth gave me a smooth transition from my old super fund to my current one. Alex and Scott are very approachable and happy help. I would highly recommend EPW for all your financial needs.


Everest Private Wealth really took the time to educate me about my current financial situation and what was required to put me on track to meet short, medium and long term goals. Nothing was too hard for them and they are very easy to deal with.


Alex has made things clear and simple when helping us develop our financial strategies. He has been very enthusiastic and follows up on everything.


Alex and Scott have been very helpful in getting me financially sorted. They were able to assist my queries and patiently explained everything to me in a language I could understand. I am feeling confident in my financial future and am sure I will be in good hands for years to come


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